Mirko Talon (the protagonist)

He is only 8 years old but is born to be an actor. She loves acting and is always looking for the next acting rehearsal. Directing him is a real pleasure, although he has no experience in the field, he seem to be professional actor!

Jennifer Corbelletti (the little girl)

The iron memory and the incredible spontaneity are his strengths. She’s a very bright and smart girl. Never repeate her the same thing twice, you just risk to bore her! In addition to acting she loves singing.

Alina La Costa (the teacher)

I was born in Turin.  I have worked in a public body for years but my passion has always been acting, painting and everything that you can create with their hands. I started with the amateur theater (funny comedy staged in the various institutions for the elderly or in schools). My first time in front of the cameras was on the italian Canale 5 and I was so pleased that I started working hard and attended several acting schools (Anna Cucolo etc..) and a diction course by the great Danilo Bruni. My life has been a time to stop because of a serious accident that forced me to several surgeries … but for some years I have discovered, with great enthusiasm, acting. I’ve played various roles in several films, short films and commercials. I love life and I try to give a smile to those I meet … I have a strange haracter … not always it reflects the way I I feel inside. My favorite sport is golf, even though for years, I have practiced skiing and swimming. I love fishing, walking in the mountains and appreciate the simple things.


Gabriele Savino

Ilaria Calò

Federico Accattoli

Filippo Beltramo

Noemi Bonaparte

Rebecca Suma

Cecilia Fogola

Casimiro Salino

Martina Spadafora

Manuel Della Pietra

Matteo Mezzano

Edoardo Calò

Denisa Raluca

Marino Accattoli

Other children in the school

Luca Marrazzo, Sara Irmia, Arianna Lambo, Martino Accattoli, Melissa Camoletto, Virginia Tomasetti, Nancy La Mattina, Martina Bardetti, Ilaria Marzapane, Matteo Tommaso Landi, Gabriele Amara, Iris Mancuso, Roberta Bejinariu, Gaia Marcaccioli, Emma Medici, Noel Anthea, Elisa Brancaccio, Lucrezia Candiotto.

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  1. michela Reply

    Stupendi! Ho visto il film ieri a Sanremo al festival della associazione Matteo Bolla. Bravi tutti!

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